"Little girls with dreams become women with vision" 

 As a girl child,  I was in awe of barbie, the beauty ads in magazines, and the glamorous women of film. I noticed every detail of their appearance and how they portrayed to be what they wanted, that radiance always sparked joy! I also found myself noticing the women around me in real life, and they inspired me also! I always wanted to recreate look or design their makeup wardrobe for their work days! Naturally beauty, wellness and fashion has become my life.  Although the fascination greatly distracted me in my teen years, it helped catapult my life as an artist. My technique always focuses on color, texture, scent, habits and the style of what needs to be captured.  I have continued my study of art, makeup, design, and nutrition through different mentors and classes. My passion is to incorporate all these wonderful practices and knowledge in my life and others. Theres nothing more satisfying for me than seeing someone feel their absolute best and do what they were made to do!

Since my graduation from Makeup Designory I have been able to develop a versatile makeup style that accommodates every situation and request.  I've been blessed to work with all kinds of clientele on all kinds of shoots and events! One of my favorite things about being a makeup artist is that I get to be a part of a transformation. Whether it is up to the individual style of the client, the producer of a shoot, or my own creativity, I genuinely love seeing a vision come to life. 

Over the past 8 years I've assisted some of the best makeup artists in the beauty industry, I've been a lead trainer in makeup and cosmetic educator, I've painted famous faces, and I've gained representation as a makeup artist with agency Contour Fossa and take new clients with Nine Zero One Salon based in Los Angeles, California.

Although these years have been magical and amazing, beauty is an ongoing pursuit! I am always working on new projects, reaching towards higher goals and new dreams. I am current studying for my estheticians license, which will lead to a greater incorporation of skin care knowledge, and maintenance services for my clients. 

"The Idea is not to live forever, it is to create something that will." - Andy Warhol



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